Jorgie Porter is busy in practices her shower scenes

Jorgie Porter is busy in practices her shower scenes


If there’s one thing we could expect out of every series of I’m a Celeb, it’s some fairly steamy shower scenes.

And happily, it seems like Jorgie Porter is getting in a few practice to ensure audience are not disappointed this time around.

The recently-single Hollyoaks babe is getting ready to head into the jungle – and she’s her skimpiest two pieces packed.

She then headed into the water to get wet and crazy, appearing to have a wonderful time and splashing about.

Jorgie, 27, who’s likely to make the latest I am A Celeb string one of the hottest yet, was dressed.

A splash of a duplicate manicure and red lipstick made her more seashore beauty than Bushtucker smasher.

The Liverpudlian stunner headed to cool down after working up a sweat with all that introducing.

Jorgie has assured to wear plenty of skimpy bikinis during her stint Down Under, but with one caveat.

Viewers will need to vote for the tiny attractiveness to stay in as long as possible so she set temperatures increasing and is able to flaunt her vast wardrobe.

Asked whether she’d join all the well-known female faces before her in wearing body-baring two-pieces she said: “Yes I will likely be packing some swimwear!

“I am going to wear a one piece but hopefully the longer I stay in, I will most likely go skimpier!”

Jorgie also has a fairly innovative concept of how exactly to keep her enviable curves while she puts up with a diet of beans and rice.

Explaining how she plans to keep her derriere in shape, she told the Liverpool Echo: “I’ll take some rocks in the jungle to avoid this. I do lots of squats at home. I don’t want to lose my butt in the jungle [from modest rations]!”

She continued: “I believe I’m going to find dearth of food hard. I work long hours and I frequently do not get a chance to eat properly. But then I get ‘Hangry’ as it is set by me. I get mad and grumpy since I have not eaten.”