Jorgie Porter is second favourite to win the show

Jorgie Porter is second favourite to win the show


Bookies reckon that the Eccles celebrity could be in having a shot at winning the ITV show with all that best cost behind Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison who is the favourite to be crowned Queen of the Jungle.

Viewers have been won by the Hollyoaks pin-up over with her sweet and determined nature.

And we have been watching with interest her blossoming friendship with Union J singer George Shelley. A touching moment was shared by the pair as viewers locked eyes over food.

Jorgie and George tucked into their delicious sugary doughnut treat after being rewarded following a hard time.

It’d audiences wondering if their shared glimpse was the look of love or the appearance of two individuals starved of a bit of sugar.

And Jorgie unquestionably deserves to eat something pleasant after getting involved in a perverted drinking game which found the celebs down disgusting concoctions including blended bull testicles, pig’s brain, camel penis and beach worms.

Formerly Jorgie kicked off George’s time in the jungle with a gut-churning Bushtucker trial which challenged her to eat gut churning dishes including crocodile penis, fish eyes and worms.