Joss Stone naked and painted as a reptile

Joss Stone naked and painted as a reptile


The rationale? So that you can support PETA’s latest animal rights campaign, the star, who’s a vegetarian, stripped off.

The effort is geared toward preventing crocodiles from being used as accessories and totes. In the picture, Joss is revealed weeping tears of despair, staring in the camera using a despairing expression and appearing distressed. The picture is headed ‘Exotic creatures have souls. Say no to animal skins that are exotic.

‘She practiced the message in farther having a caption: ‘Creatures feel have souls, & anxiety, pain, happiness.’

Releasing a statement in support of the effort, Joss said:’ Although I am not as comfortable with crocodiles as I ‘m with horses and dogs, I understand that creatures are capable of anguish. I expect when people see footage of what goes on to alligators and crocodiles killed for his or her skin to be turned into handbags, they will join me in leaving wildlife from their wardrobes.’

Stars that have backed PETA efforts that are similar before comprise ex- former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson and Coronation Street actress Helen Flanagan.