Judge in America has thrown out a lawsuit against Taylor Swift

Judge in America has thrown out a lawsuit against Taylor Swift


A judge in the usa has thrown out a lawsuit against Taylor Swift, quoting the lyrics to some of her largest songs.

The singer was being sued for GBP27 million for supposedly stealing the lyrics for her song Shake It Off.

US R&B vocalist Jesse Braham claims Swift stole the words from a song he composed in 2013 called Haters Gone Loathe.

But US district court judge Gail Standish took the opportunity to flaunt her Swifty fandom up and disagreed.
In a written statement dismissing the suit, Standish lifted lyrics Blank Space and Bad Blood.

“But, for now, we’ve got problems, and the Court isn’t certain Braham can solve them,” Standish wrote.

The judge ruled that enough evidence wasn’t provided by Braham and said for now, the claim’s only guess.

“As now drafted, the Charge has a blank space – one that requires Braham to do more than write his name.

Yet, Braham will have a way to file a brand new charge if he is able to sort out some of the problems the judge had with this one.

“At least for now, Defendants have shaken off this litigation,” Standish reasoned.

Braham had previously told the New York Daily News he considered there was “no way” Swift could have composed the lyrics independently of his tune.

“Her hook is exactly the same hook as mine. If I didn’t compose the song Haters Gone Hate, there wouldn’t be a tune called Shake It Off,” he said.

Braham added he’d talked to Swift’s record label, Big Machine, five or four times regarding the problem.

Braham initially asked to be identified as a writer and requested a selfie but was blown off and told his claim had no value.

“At first I was really going to let it go, yet this tune is my tune all the way,” he said.