JUST OUT! Airlift poster: The new look of Akshay Kumar – Nimrat...

JUST OUT! Airlift poster: The new look of Akshay Kumar – Nimrat Kaur starrer will give you GOOSEBUMPS!


Yes. For what he said as he released this new poster of his forthcoming film Airlift Akshay Kumar vouched! In the time of the launch of the film’s trailer, it has been made by it to our list of all anticipated films of 2016.

The film’s trailer gave our patriotic feelings ever since, has made us more and more intrigued to watch it and a jolt. The film is a genuine story of world’s largest human evacuation mission that took place throughout the Iraq-Kuwait war. Airlift is going to make certain that this untold tale of bravery reaches every one of the Indians and imbibes a feeling of pride in them, while not many people know of this. Well, I am very excited for this new poster and the movie tells yet another story that drives me towards the movie to me.

In the preview itself Akshay Kumar’s character provides soliloquy of not many know of the terror and perils Indians in Kuwait went through during the war. Not only that, he also speaks about bravery of a few led to salvaging of several lives which were quite sure they would not live to see the light of day. In the recent poster it shows the celebrity and his co-star Nimrat Kaur staring outside while the reflection on the window glass shows war and terror. The preview and posters show a promising tale that can unwind in January.