Just Out! Raees Heroine Mahira Khan’s Role In The Movie

Just Out! Raees Heroine Mahira Khan’s Role In The Movie


Mahira Khan, the lead performer of Shahrukh Khan starrer Raees, also would be conspicuously helping Raees, Shahrukh Khan, achieve his tenacle of success in, and has an extremely unique & significant part in the film. It is also astonishing that Mahira Khan, wasn’t the primary pick to be casted in Raees.

The filmmakers had a different performer at heart and that celebrity is none other Huma Qureshi. Yes, Huma Qureshi was the performer the filmmakers of Raees wished to rope in in the beginning.

They believed the bill would be fit by Huma as well as they needed a fresh pairing of forms. But then, they got Mahira on board as the character demanded the performer to really have a particular type of mannerism and lingo and being a Pakistani, Mahira absolutely nailed it.”

The very first teaser of Raees, caught eyeballs also it is reported the 2nd teaser of the film will probably be out shortly.

Additionally it is reported that Mahira Khan and Shahrukh Khan, have just finished shooting on SRK, and a dancing sequence for Raees, is extremely pleased with all the results.