Kanye West unexpectedly released two songs

Kanye West unexpectedly released two songs


Rap star Kanye West, who has attracted more attention recently to the presidency from fashion for non musical interests surprisingly released two tunes. West, on the free sharing site frequently used by little-known groups to promote their work, put two tracks his first postings on Soundcloud, without opinion.

The new tune begins with the same easy R&B beat of “Tell Your Friends,” a track by quick-growing Canadian singer The Weeknd that was co-produced by West.

“When I See It,” which the rapper seemingly posted two weeks ago before it went live on Monday, features a mellow West singing of his memories of a drive on a Los Angeles highway. The release immediately ignited speculation on social media that the tune will appear about the next West album, which he says will be called “Swish.”

West the rapper has played down expectations of a forthcoming album, recently telling Vanity Fair magazine that “Swish” was like a complex painting and might take him another year. West, who has likened himself with his diverse abilities to Michelangelo , last released album but has remained continuously in the public eye since.

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