Kareena Kapoor Talks About Ranbir And Katrina Kaif’s Break Up

Kareena Kapoor Talks About Ranbir And Katrina Kaif’s Break Up


Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor ‘s break up rumours are still roaming around . With each passing day, more and more details that are interior are becoming leaked whch certainly indicate the couple aren’t together.

In the past season of Koffee With Karan, when Katrina’s relationship and Ranbir became a subject of discussion, his sister, Kareena Kapoor disclosed that she’d dance on their marriage to Katrina’s well-known tunes and looked really excited.

“Even if Ranbir has spoken about it to me, it’s a personal matter that I’d never discuss it with the media. I love my brother and wish him only the best in life, always.”

She appears to be an incredibly faithful sister who’s not willing to give out any details but Kareena never denied the break up, meaning the pair have really split up, if one keeps her response.

Expect this does not occur with Saif with Kareena for her union looks to be a joyful one. The performer hasn’t lost her love but she’s also lost her friends as a result of this rupture.

Aarti Shetty, Ayan and Katrina’s close pals were both presented to her by Ranbir Kapoor. After break up, happen to be avoiding her ever since and they appear to possess chosen Ranbir’s side.

Both Aarti and Ayan haven’t been inviting Katrina to their celebrations which she used to attend a great deal before. Unhappy! Well, that is life! Katrina is outside of Kareena’s friend list also!