Khloe Kardashian compliments mum Kris’ sex skills

Khloe Kardashian compliments mum Kris’ sex skills


Kris turned 60 (amazing, correct?) yesterday, and her daughters took to send their greetings to mark the event.

Along with posting Instagram tributes, Khloe wrote a post on her website explaining all the ways Kris is a true Scorpio.

“She’s good in bed!!!

The 31-year-old wrote: “1. She is FIERCE! Scorpios are known for being super intense, and my mom is no exception. Her intensity is everything!!!

“2. Scorpios are all about control. Have you met Kris Jenner? That is her to a T. She is in control of everything, at all times. Thank you, mama!

“3. My mother is super intuitive. My mom always knows when something’s up with one of us when we try to conceal it. Such a Scorpio thing.

“4. One important thing about Scorpios is the fact that they are generally quite manipulative — and damn, does Kris understand the way to get what she desires, LOL!!! She can sell ice to an Eskimo.”
Then came the awkwardness.

Khloe wrote: “5. She is great during sex!!! Scorpios are splendidly the most sexual sign of the zodiac and regrettably, Kim heard my mother & Corey going at it, and I could verify that that is the reality. Haha!”
My mom’re less haha-ing, more crawls.