KIM HATING ONE OF HER STRENGTH! Reveals She’s HATING Her ‘Huge Boobs’...

KIM HATING ONE OF HER STRENGTH! Reveals She’s HATING Her ‘Huge Boobs’ After Pregnancy


Kim Kardashian spent Feb. 1 feeling vulnerable about one of her most renowned characteristics: her big breasts.

She took to her site to share that she’s ‘Hating’ her engorged chest now.

Oh! Poor Kim Kardashian, 35, is “loathing” part of her body right now!

Here’s what we know. Kim took to her site on Feb. 1 to share that she’s currently “Hating [her] huge boobs.”

The message was accompanied by a stunning photo of her in a remarkably low-cut black top and slicked back hair.

Her face is shining with icy glossed lips along with a shimmery shadow that is gold. We are shocked that she could “Hate” one of her most renowned characteristics (that we are the most covetous of), but insecurities strike us all the same.

Lately Kim shared that her breasts are really so engorged because ever since infant Saint’s arrival she is been making a ton of milk.

While she sees this as a benefit that is total, it could undoubtedly cause some remarkable changes to your own body.

Poor thing! Picture taking good care of two kids and being sick yourself?

Hopefully she is being helped by Kanye out! She also says she’s noshing on creme milkshakes and some atkins biscuits. Yum! Meanwhile she’s catching up with her children on some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

So cute.