King Khan and Deepika Padukone MISSES working with each-other!

King Khan and Deepika Padukone MISSES working with each-other!


Though Shah Rukh Khan share the very best chemistry with Kajol, with Deepika Padukone it was in the younger lot that he looked the greatest!

After having established her in Om Shanti Om, that was the Diwali blockbuster of that year, they did two more films collectively as the lead pair – Happy New Year and Chennai Express. Just when everything was rosy, came this ill-fated Bajirao Mastani vs Dilwale conflict.

Ever since then, there have already been rumours that not all is well between Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan. The PR teams of the movies are head to head in regards to marketing the movies. We’ve seen that whenever Bajirao mastani team puts up something like a poster, Dilwale team puts up a poster round the same time frame.

This PR overdrive both Deepika and SRK simply have great things to express about each other whenever they face the press. Yesterday, during the Mastani poster start, Deepika responded to the compliment of SRK by saying both and she misses working with him!

Deepika has finally waved that white flag, is not it time that we see both SRK and Deepika in a Chennai Express style blockbuster?