King Khan is definitely part of team Batman and we’re NOT surprised!

King Khan is definitely part of team Batman and we’re NOT surprised!


Shah Rukh Khan is no less a superhero himself, should you think of it. The celebrity has the capacity to enthrall fans every single time he makes a public appearance. That in itself is a power that is bloody good, do not you think?

SRK’s magnetic personality is some thing that impresses the girls but it also leaves the guys in a craze, occasionally intimidated too! While the planet is going gaga over our celeb, he has his heart set on another huge personality. And it’s none apart from the caped crusader, Batman!

Okay, Batman was termed by me as a personality but when you are a fervent superhero comic books buff and think of it then you will fully agree. Fairly justifiable. When he was socializing with media at an awards function, turns out the performer made this disclosure. He explained, “Batman is the prince of darkness. He’s very frank and quite real.

I’ve read all comic books but Batman is my alltime favourite.” As this isn’t the first time that the celebrity made this revelation, well, in all honesty, we were not one little surprised by this news. Last year, on his 50th birthday, Vogue India magazine had an issue featuring Shah Rukh where he truly said that he DESIRED to be Batman! I wish to be Batman in the early hours,” was what the star had quoted. In fact, the actor also starred in his very own superhero film, Ra One.

The picture raked a great deal of cash thanks to the extraordinary VFX of it’s in the box office. There, his love for superheroes is very evident with these three examples and we are imagining that SRK is undoubtedly on team Batman. Understanding the year is all for superheroes, especially the much awaited Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, that’s set to release this week, this certainly looks like he’s rooting for the caped crusader! Sweet!