Kunduz city center is retaken by Afghan forces from Taliban

Kunduz city center is retaken by Afghan forces from Taliban


Residents said soldiers were conducting house to house investigations and had removed the Taliban flag in the central square, replacing it with authorities colours.

But fighting continued on the outskirts of town, whose capture raised questions over and signified an important triumph -trained Afghan forces were able to go it alone now foreign combat troops have left.
“There are military helicopters in the skies and government forces everywhere,” said Abdul Ahad, a physician in town.

A Taliban spokesman denied the authorities commanded most of the remaining city and had retaken Kunduz, saying insurgent combatants were resisting in the centre.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, Dawlat Waziri, said a clearance operation was underway as well as the Taliban had left Kunduz city. A ministry statement said 150 Taliban were killed and 90 wounded in the offensive that was overnight.

Atleast 30 people, mainly civilians, were killed in the fighting as of Wednesday, based on a tweet from health ministry spokesman Wahidullah Mayar. He said about 340 had been treated by hospitals in Kunduz.
Panicked residents described the offensive that was overnight.