Kylie Jenner and Tyga setup goals-hanging out during the ceremony and traveling...

Kylie Jenner and Tyga setup goals-hanging out during the ceremony and traveling to Justin Bieber’s afterparty together


Appears like they’re back on! Kylie Jenner and Tyga collection tongues wagging at Sunday, the National Music Awards 2015 of Nov. 22, hanging out during the ceremony and visiting Justin Bieber’s afterparty.

If they separate on Tygais 26th birthday the couple made statements on Thursday, Nov. 19. Nevertheless the fact celebrity suggested that things might not be over when she submitted a Snapchat on Wednesday, Nov. 21, exhibiting them holding hands, combined with caption, “Everyone has to chill.”

Although the couple did not create about the red carpet of the AMAs together (Kylie instead wandered the arrivals line together with her sibling, Kendall Jenner), once within the Microsoft Movie place, the rapper captured the sisters up and put close, as our photo shows.

But it was following the display the visible reality-tv couple did actually truly enable their guard down.

Dashing back to sister Kendall’s household for a quick clothing change (Kylie chosen a skintight, white mini-dress), the 18-year-old celeb began dropping ideas via Snapchat that factors between her and Tyga were absolutely cool again.

First she discussed a movie of her ex dance within the foyer, and then she discussed a clip of her gang’s car experience to Bieberis celebration in The Niceguy in Hollywood which (shortly) included a display of Tyga wearing his orange match, bobbing his head to the audio.

As Us Weekly described previously, Tyga’s weekend actions pointed at a possible reunion, because the rapper spent Sunday, Nov. 21 hanging out with Kylieis older brother Kanye West and Kourtney Kardashian while partying at Diddy’s birthday bash.

“Tyga hung out with Kanye Kardashian the majority of the evening,” a source proved to Us. ” He was getting along great with Kanye and Kourtney all-night and so they were grinning and communicating and this breakup must not be that poor. It was totally beneficial between all of them.”