La Tomatina: All the best image in the 70th annual world’s largest...

La Tomatina: All the best image in the 70th annual world’s largest food fight


The roads of a little Spanish town have been painted red with 40,000 individuals hurling 40

Thousands upon tens of thousands of men and women have made their way to the Spanish town of Bunol from many corners of the planet.

But do not stress. Where they can be more affordable and of poor flavor the tomatoes come from Extremadura.

Trucks hauled the amplitude of tomatoes into the middle of town, Plaza del Pueblo.

Technically the festival doesn’t start until one courageous soul has scaled to the very top of a two-story high, greased-up wooden post and reached the ham that is enviable on top.

In practice, this procedure requires quite a while along with the festival begins despite no one reaching the prize that is meaty.

The conflict is usually every man for himself once it starts.

Later comes the huge cleanup, with fire trucks spraying the roads down, with water supplied from a Roman aqueduct.

The authorities appear more concerned than cleaning the visitors with cleaning the town, so many people locate themselves to be washed by water in the Bunol River, even though some sort residents will hose passersby down.

The earth is clean because of the acidity of the tomato, after the tomato pulp is flushed.

The gang used the fruit compelling the authorities to intervene and break the fight up and snatched tomatoes from a closeby vegetable stand.