Lamar Odom opened up to the brothel’s ‘madam’ about losing his best...

Lamar Odom opened up to the brothel’s ‘madam’ about losing his best friends Before Collapse


It is really difficult to come to terms with all the departure of Bobby Heyward and Jamie Sangouthai. Ahead of a weekend long drug bender was allegedly indulged in by the NBA player, he opened to the brothel’s ‘madam’ .

Bobby Heyward’s passing and Jamie Sangouthai hit Lamar Odom, 35, extremely hard. Before the previous NBA player was discovered unconscious in a high-end brothel in Pahrump, Nevada, TJ Moore, the general manager in the Love Ranch, disclosed that Lamar was definitely in pain when he talked in regards to the passing on summer time.

“He spoke about losing his mother at a young age. He had lost two more people recently this past summer,”

“It seemed to hit him, you could see the pain in his face. But he was pretty mellow, he was calm.”

Lamar spoke regarding the losses he is had in his life to the general manager of the brothel. “That is pretty much all he said but he looked sad about how exactly his union had finished. Lamar did not seem like he was going to weep but it was clear he looked actually tired and wanted some rest.” So depressed. Lamar’s life was plagued with disaster. The 35-year old also lost his son Jayden to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome at 6 months old.

The two time NBA champ was instantly carried to the hospital, following the brothel staff did everything they were instructed to do by the 911 operative. In any way hasn’t transformed. Khloe dashed to be by Lamar’s side and he hasn’t been made by her .