Lanny Davis efforts for purgation after the Clintons

Lanny Davis efforts for purgation after the Clintons


Lanny Davis who always play the role of defender said at an interview with Fox News on Sunday that Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email account as Secretary of State as not only not illegal but not wrong.

Davis said that the emails were available for access and the fact is, nobody says it’s illegal. She’s turned over all of her emails as the first secretary of state to do that.

He seemed to congratulate Clinton for the volunteering her emails. Davis said that “She did volunteer to release all of those emails to become the only secretary to openly ask the public to look at all those emails and wants them published right now.”

There’s no use pretending that Hillary Clinton isn’t already a presidential candidate.

Davis considered that people in the media who are complaining about Clinton are pushing back her official campaign announcement until the summer should pipe down and that he American people don’t want the campaign to start now.

Clinton is seeing that the delay of the official start of her campaign is nothing more than a tactical move.

Davis essentially told media that this tactical makes Hillary Clinton enjoys by delaying because she faces no serious primary competition.