latest about Oregon Community College Shooting

latest about Oregon Community College Shooting


The Latest: Equipped with numerous firearms, a 26-year old guy walked right into a morning writing course in the community college and opened fire, striking some pupils with numerous gunshots. A witness said in the head was hit.

Pupils heard several shots, one right after another, as well as their teacher told them to leave. Pupil Hannah Miles said: “nine people started to run. Nine people began to run to middle of campus. And I turned around, and that i saw pupils pouring from the building.”

The worst mass shooting in Oregon history that was recent was raising questions regarding security.

“I guess this will take up a discussion throughout the united states about how community colleges prepare themselves for occasions in this way,” said the school’s former president, Joe Olson.

The killer was identified in accordance with a government official who supplied the name and had not been authorized to discuss freely.

The shooting on the campus in this former lumber town 180 miles south shattered the very first week of courses with about 3,000 pupils.

Mercer lived in a closeby apartment complex, Thursday night, that has been cordoned off with yellow tape.

In the Los Angeles-area suburb where Mercer lived for a brief time many years back, he was remembered by neighbors as uncommunicative.

Ian Mercer, Chris Harper Mercer’s dad, talked to KABC TV and other media outlets assembled outside his house late Thursday night.

Himself explained it is been a “disastrous day” for him and his family and he’s been speaking to police as well as the FBI in regards to the shooting.

Stepsister Carmen Nesnick told KCBS TV the shooting did not make sense.

The county sheriff said in a news conference he wasn’t likely because that is what the shooter would have desired to say him’s name.

“I’m not going to identify the shot. I’m not going to give the shooter the credit he likely sought prior to the horrific and cowardly action,” said a clearly upset John Hanlin.

Roseburg is a conservative area west in Douglas County, where folks enjoy to fish and hunt and pursue other outdoor activities.

But it is no stranger to school firearm violence. A freshman in the neighborhood high school shot and injure a fellow pupil in 2006.

On Thursday, other relatives as well as anguished parents ran to pupils that were living.

Jessica Chandler was urgently seeking advice about her 18-year old daughter, Rebecka Carnes.

“I do not understand where she’s. I do not understand if she is wounded,” Chandler said.

Carnes’ best friend told Chandler that her daughter was flown by helicopter into a hospital.

Pupils described panic and absolute anxiety .

A shot was heard by her. A teacher said the fellow student needed to escape, as she heard two more shots, as well as the class ran out the doorway.

“The teacher was freaking out. The teacher did not understand what to believe, what to do,” she said.

Before the Roseburg shooting, warned other users to not go to school Thursday and posting on the message-board site 4chan contained a picture of a drawn frog used frequently in Internet memes having a firearm.

The messages talked of mass shootings, with some offering suggestions and egging on. It was not clear in the event the messages were tied due to the mostly anonymous character of the website.

Hanlin said authorities were telling relatives.

“It’s been a horrible day,” a blue-faced Hanlin said. “Surely this can be an enormous shock to our community.”

The sheriff continues to be outspoken in opposing national and state gun control legislation.

Sam Sherman, a former pupil, said the school helped expand his chances.

“That is all I could think about now. There is 10, 9 children who will not get those doors opened,” the former student said.