Latest reserch: Sex thrice a week removes kidney stones

Latest reserch: Sex thrice a week removes kidney stones


If you are suffering from kidney stones, nothing to be worried about anymore.

Well quit gulping down beer after beer or alternative beverages to pass it outside as well as prepare yourself for better activity reported Hindustan Times for those who have kidney stones giving you trouble.

Based on a major research in the Clinic of Ankara Training and Research Hospital in Turkey, Ankara and others, having sex at least a few times per week will help facilitate the impulsive passing.

75 participants split into three groups to reach this decision. The primary group was requested to get sex at least a few times weekly.

The 2nd group was administered tamsulosin (a drug widely used to enhance urination in men) and a third group got the conventional clinical treatment.

Meanwhile, eight of the 23 participants in the conventional clinical therapy group and just 10 of the 21 participants in the tamsulosin group and their rocks passed.

“Our results have suggested that patients who’ve little kidney stones (less than 6 millimeter) as well as a sexual partner might be proposed to have sexual intercourse three-four times per week to raise the likelihood of spontaneous passage of the rocks,” the writers described.

A current study discovered that patients who have been given tamsulosin and large rocks passed.