Latest Risque Pictures! It’s Like ‘BREASTFEEDING’ Is TREND These Days – Coco’s...

Latest Risque Pictures! It’s Like ‘BREASTFEEDING’ Is TREND These Days – Coco’s Controversial Breastfeeding Pic


She is been a magnet for controversy since Coco got pregnant. She continued her run on Jan. 22 with a graphic breastfeeding her infant Chanel, and then deleting it. Take a look at the risque pic, here! Coco Austin, 36, posted a superb showing pic of her new infant Chanel breastfeeding on Jan. 22.

Before deleting hers she made a call for mothers to talk about their very own silly pictures. The picture was captioned by her. It resembles the pair are scrunched in a small car when Chanel got out of the blue starving. “Breastfeeding in strange locations… I need to take up a tendency where us mothers post pics of all crazy things we do for our little ones… #momslife.”

Coco deleted the image after the same day. She tweeted her opinion, sans-picture. Kind of odd got rid of the image of herself doing just that she shared. Coco continues to be posting pics non stop since she got pregnant, and many have fulfilled with grievances.

Most of which feature Coco with a really tiny baby bump, or using an itsy bitsy waistline only days after giving birth. Individuals have challenged if she is being unhealthy, or encouraging unhealthy ideals for brand new mothers. But this picture that is breastfeeding was undoubtedly not neutral, shedding light on th significant problem of mother’s rights.