LEAKED INFO! Deepika Padukone shoots for the first episode of Bigg Boss...

LEAKED INFO! Deepika Padukone shoots for the first episode of Bigg Boss 10 without Salman Khan


So Deepika Padukone is expected to function as the first guest on Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 10. Today’s Mumbai Mirror report supported the same saying Deepika is planning to promote her Hollywood film xXx: The Return Of The Xander Cage on the show and has shot for her first episode. Actually, the Mirror report added an onlooker’s quote saying, “They shot a power-packed opening episode with Salman taking digs while congratulating Deepika on her worldwide success at the Hollywood action star.”I mean, whoa! Fantastic! With this news demand to actually wake up coz everyone who fell, don’t we understand Salman is now in Manali shooting for Tubelight? Then how the hell is he supposed to shoot with Deepika in Mumbai while he is in Manali? Unless, he’s some form of superpowers to fly back and forth within a blink of an eye.

Still, so that clarifies that Deepika and Salman have NOT shot for Bigg Boss 10 collectively as yet although our source supports yesterday that Deepika did shoot at the Mehboob studios for her solo bit. Will this be clubbed with Salman’s piece will a special promo only featuring Deepika is set to go air ahead of the show or after he’s back from Manali? Only time will tell. But all said and done, we’re super kicked that Salman and Deepika are once more reuniting. Don’t you think it’s like saying – Why not take over the little screen, if not on the big screen?

Not to forget, Deepika had seen with Bigg Boss during the promotions of Tamasha boy and this past year, that episode was such a hit, remember? Right from their flirtatious chemistry to the way Salman teased DP with his wit and charm, the episode was more like making one’s wish stronger to see them on the big screen ASAP.

How many of ya’ll are super excited for the opening episode of Bigg Boss 10 with Salman and Deepika?