LEAKED! Salman-SRK Chat the Night Away Before Cycling on the Streets of...

LEAKED! Salman-SRK Chat the Night Away Before Cycling on the Streets of Mumbai!


It was a nice surprise yesterday, when BFF Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan took to the roads of Mumbai for a bike ride that is casual. The former shared the image of the same and it went viral, as expected.

SRK, after attending a corporate occasion, was seen wearing a gray waistcoat, white top and gray pants while Salman was dressed in his black avatar. Besides these two, SRK’s dapper tracks and appearing son Aryan overly had joined them, wearing a gray sweatshirt.

According to a tabloid, SRK was at a launch event on Thursday night. After it got over, he spoke to Salman, who returned from Spain this week. Eager to catch up with SRK, Salman invited his bestie to his Bandra house. A source informed the tabloid, “Eid is just around the corner and every evening family and friends gather at Sallu’s sea-facing home to break their roza with a dawat fit for the kings.”

Given that the Khan buddies overlooked bumping into each other at the Iftar celebration of Baba Siddiqui and changing jaadu ki jhappis, this meet was truly a nice surprise.

Galaxy Apartments were reached by sRK in the nighttime around 11. The Sultan performer had laid out other finest of delicacies for him, kebabs and biryani. Nevertheless, Badshah stayed back the night to chat with Salman and selected to nibble just on munchies.

The Lover celebrity invited his son Aryan for the exact same and instantly consented. Aryan joined the Khans while Salman got two bikes are pulled out by his guard. The trio hit the roads early morning, much to the joy of rickshawalas and the morning joggers.

“They rode around for around half-an-hour with the two actors chatting animatedly and laughing intermittent ly, hardly breaking into a sweat, Aryan following closely. It was raining, but nobody minded,” added the source, to the tabloid.

We adore such strategies that are impromptu by the besties!