Like horror movies ‘Dead’ Indian man wakes up on autopsy table

Like horror movies ‘Dead’ Indian man wakes up on autopsy table


Police in Mumbai said they discovered the man, who has not yet been named, unconscious and suffering from multiple infections on Sunday morning and took him to the local hospital.A doctor in the Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital certified the man as dead and sent the body for autopsy, Ashok Dudhe, Mumbai Police deputy commissioner told AFP.

“As the autopsy was about to start, the guy awakened actuating turmoil after which the doctors hurried to the area. Then they snatched the death certificate from my staff and tore it up,” Dudhe said.

“Doctors compelled my physician to analyze the patient on the roadside as they wished to hurry back to the prime minister’s security duty,” Merchant said.

“Had the police allowed my staff to take the guy indoors, they might have had the opportunity to do a better job,” he said.

The man has been treated in the hospital for substance abuse and severe malnutrition, suspected alcoholism, Merchant said.

“The man is delirious still and the police are trying to stabilise him. Let us hope the damage from his past may be handled,” the dean said.

Police officer Dudhe called the proposition authorities were responsible for the mixup “ridiculous” and said the hospital was “attempting to cover up their negligence”.

A report was sent to the commissioner’s office as well as the authorities have completed an internal enquiry to the event, he included.

The authorities in Mumbai are often faced with unclaimed dead bodies and media reports have suggested mortuaries are running out of room to hold the corpses.