LOL!! Pokemon Go in Indian court for ‘hurting religious sentiments’

LOL!! Pokemon Go in Indian court for ‘hurting religious sentiments’


Augmented reality game Pokemon Go has landed up within an Indian court over allegations it’s hurting the religious sentiments of numerous vegetarians.

The court has asked the manufacturers of Pokemon Go to respond to the charges.

It really is not clear if Niantic Inc, the makers, will do this. The court move was met with derision on social media.

Pokemon Go hasn’t been formally released in India, but many play thanks to workarounds.

The game can be obtained from an Indian phone where the game was released by signing into an iTunes accounts of any nation.

Many reports say temples are frequently Pokestops – particularly marked where players can collect supplies landmarks.

The petition also mentioned the players trying to find Pokemon creatures as additional reasons for banning the game infringement of privacy, and a possible danger of life.

The news invited ridicule on social media, with Pokemon Go.

Many criticised the “frivolity” of the case, including former minister Shashi Tharoor who tweeted: “To file in the “Only in India” category! Would be funny if such frivolous cases didn’t clog our judicial system.”