LOL!! Shah Rukh Khan is obsessed with Pokemon Go and we have...

LOL!! Shah Rukh Khan is obsessed with Pokemon Go and we have proof!


Pokemon Go has become larger than everything and anything. Folks are obsessed by it. Many people are playing with it. It’s not a children animation but has got even grownups go mad about it. Rest assured he’s seen a Pokemon if you see someone pursuing something with eyes glued to his cellular. And it looks even our own Shah Rukh Khan isn’t unaffected by it.

You must have seen a scene from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. Bachchan’s face has been superimposed with Pikachu. Only envision SRK’s manifestation to that. It’s one hilarious video. It’s an inclusion to the Pokemon Go craze and we laughed too when we saw it. But SRK shared the video and posted now This is to how I might feel quite close, and of course get it! !!” This proves he and the game play too. Why we say because he talks about ‘capturing’ it. People who play with the game know that you have to spot it and catch it. SRK too might have done thus and hence, found this video really comical.

So all you Pokemon Go users, be merry. We’re fairly sure his fans might be right now googling it out to see what the uproar around. We wonder which amount the actor is playing right now and entailed his kids are in this new obsession of his.