Los Angeles airport sparked by ‘loud noises’

Los Angeles airport sparked by ‘loud noises’


Unconfirmed reports of gunshots, later described by police as just “loud noises”, have sparked evacuations at Los Angeles airport.

People fled the airport on Sunday night with scenes of forgotten bag on pavements.

Traffic to the terminal was closed and no flights were permitted to land, but operations have now resumed.

They may be investigating the noises.




The police and fire departments had deployed many units to the airport after reports of a “security situation” and a potential “active shooter”.

Scott McDonald, one passenger, told Associated Press he had been trying to disembark from a plane and had been told to return on.

He said he’d seen many people gathered on the tarmac.

Celebrity Anne Dudek told when a guy ran past saying people were being shot the LA Times she’d been on an escalator.

“People started dropping bags and running out of the terminal,” she said. “Panic spread.”

She left the airport and said she’d also left the terminal and run to her car through a parking area.

The Federal Aviation Administration temporarily held some Los Angeles- .

Passengers were later allowed to return to the terminal to gather bags left behind.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the world’s seventh busiest by traffic.