LOS ANGELES, Oakland can play with the best of them!

LOS ANGELES, Oakland can play with the best of them!


The A’s scored 2-0 win over the National League West-leading Dodgers on Tuesday, Gray winning the pitch three-hit to bring out the four.

A’s dropping streak.

The streak played well and covered an average period of time during which Scott Kazmir, Tyler Clippard and Ben Zobrist had been traded.

With, 11-4 and is going to reclaim the American League ERA lead from Kazmir at 2.16. The A’s are considering as winners.

The A’s Billy Butler said:

“With Sonny out there it’s a completely different ballgame,”

The first baseman flops in the current game, with a grounder in the very first inning. “We’re expecting to win every time Sonny takes the hill. We expect to win every day, but it’s a different level with Sonny out there.

“Honestly, he pitched incredible. He didn’t need much to get that win, but he did everything right.”

Gray, who got the limelight for hitting two shutout against the Indians in Cleveland on July 12, back with third career two-hitter.

The 25-year-old Gray is not at all grayish expert, but isn’t ready to admit that this game had added worth for the contracts that break downs the club of much of its front-line talent.

“It’s no more important,” he said.”When the game starts, you have 25 guys out there, and you’re trying to win a baseball game. And I don’t think that’s going to change around here.