Love For Real? NO! They Are Trying to Confuse the Matter, This...

Love For Real? NO! They Are Trying to Confuse the Matter, This is a Simple Case of Spreading Lies – Hrithik’s Lawyer Strikes Back

Hot buzz about legal war between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut getting hotter with the passage of time. After the Emails leaked out, Kangana’s lawyer lashed out at him and called the emails “Unreliable and Out of Context”.
After the last notice, Hrithik’s lawyer react and issued another statement, which reads –
“We know our client is fighting for clearing his name but we are unclear what they are fighting for? Is the fight from their end only to establish an “implied” association with our client?
For us this fight is a worthy cause because our client is fighting to save his reputation as he was brutally attacked and unbelievable lies were circulated with impunity, but we fail to understand the motive of the other party.
We have already submitted all the evidences that are required, to the authorities. We have been dutifully following the procedure and the truth will come out.
They are trying to confuse the matter when this is a simple case of spreading lies. If by their own admission they haven’t referred to our client, Hrithik Roshan, as “silly ex” and if by that they are meaning that he hasn’t had a romantic relationship with their client, then there is no fight between us. But they have been slyly implying things and we are committed to bring clarity to the entire episode.”