LOVE IN THE AIR! Sushant Singh Rajput on the link up rumours:...

LOVE IN THE AIR! Sushant Singh Rajput on the link up rumours: Nothing has changed between Kriti and me!


Sushant Singh Rajput is among the most gifted young performers in Bollywood he’sn’t been part of as many movies as he should be. However, Sushant is coming with three back to back films (M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story, Raabta and Takaddum) now and we are super excited to see him back on the big screen. Yet, rather than Sushant’s movie, his love life has been the centre of talk over the past few months. The actor broke with longtime girlfriend Ankita Lokhande before this and while there were many conspiracy theories that have been reported, the strongest one was Sushant’s familiarity to his Raabta co-star Kriti Sanon. We were told by our sources how Kriti and Sushant came in Budapest close to each other while shooting, post the performer’s break up. Many reports put Kriti, Sushant and Ankita ’s love life but looks like nothing has changed them.

In an interview to Bombay Times, Sushant disclosed that even though reports indicated that Kriti was the reason for his break up with Ankita, the Raabta pair are still on good terms. But Sushant does maintain that things did get horrible and he’d to clear things up. As he told the newspaper, “Nothing has changed between me and Kriti, but there was a purpose when it got nasty. That is when I decided to set the record straight. I use anything other than my acting skills to get me going in the industry the day, I shall quit. This will be the last thing I’ll ever do. I’ll make them grin, if folks think good things about me. It’s their trouble.”, if they believe awful things about me .

When the M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story celebrity was inquired of Ankita will still be essential part of his life or not, Sushant revealed, “Of course, there are few things that have really shaped the way I ‘m now . Certainly one of those things was my mom. I remained for seven years with Ankita. There are few matters I ‘m sure I would be reminded of just before dying and this would undoubtedly be one of them, in a manner that is good.”

But would he revive his friendship with Ankita? Well, seems like that’s dubious. “I don’t think about the future, therefore I do as Sushant adds to the paper about this issue n’t know that.” Ankita Lokhande and Sushant Singh Rajput are still on talking terms!

Directed by Neeraj Pandey, the movie also stars Disha Patani, Kiara Advani and will release on September 30. Anyway, what do you guys have to say latest disclosures about Ankita and Kriti? Tell us about your ideas in the comments section below! Also take a look at our EXCLUSIVE interview with Sushant Singh Rajput where he spoke about his break up with Ankita and link up with Kriti in the video right here: