LOVE IN TROUBLE? Ranveer Singh’s this recent interview suggested COMPLICATIONS in his...

LOVE IN TROUBLE? Ranveer Singh’s this recent interview suggested COMPLICATIONS in his relationship with Deepika Padukone!


We’ve some news for those who were shocked by Bombay Times report implying that there’s trouble brewing in Deepika Padukone’s paradise and Ranveer Singh. BollywoodLife were surprised to see the otherwise super excited hero play down his whole relationship and romance and got their hands with the Padmavati actor on a recent interview of India Today. For those who have known Ranveer Singh and followed the performer closely would know that he literally wears his heart on his sleeve. Always the one to gush about Deepika Padukone, Ranveer not only rubbished that he’s involved with the actress he even went to declare his formula that is contradicting about union. Ranveer Singh during the Befikre promotions wasn’t the same Ranveer that we’ve seen numerous times and his relationship with ladylove has either changed or stressed as the reports imply.

Firstly at the Befikre occasion in Paris Ranveer reminisced an intimate holiday encounter with his ‘lover’. The actor was probed by an interested crowd member if the lover was Deepika. He said, “Sir you’ve supposed that I have a girlfriend. I have also had a Parisian girlfriend. An attractive Moroccan girl.”

Only so that we usually do not jump the gun, to India Today journo Ranveer talked during the same Paris excursion and his talks about marriage, love and Deepika was an absolute giveaway. You think about things like you know being a family man, and items like what do for me, these thoughts, I mean I’m 31 now, it’s just natural that these thoughts are occurring to me the next 5 years hold.”

When the performer was farther probed by the reporter about union and asked the actor if he’d plans to propose to his Ms Perfect the celebrity said, “Kya pata yaar I’m still pondering.” Ranveer included, “I ‘ve (thought of suggestion), yeah it’s authentic I have very elaborate strategies.” Ranveer also spoke of his past, he said, “ Yaar, I’ve had many girlfriends and back in the day, like I was once in lots of insubstantial relationships so to speak, but away late, I’m a guy that was changed.”

“Well my mentality on intimate relationships has evolved – let’s set it that manner.”, when Ranveer was asked about really being a dedicated guy he said Certainly Ranveer wasn’t willing to spill any beans on his personal affairs. While Ranveer’s activities have demonstrated otherwise, that wasn’t all, RS’ reaction to proposing Deepika in Paris must have left the reporter confused. The actor said in response and questioned the reporter back, “Yeh sawal aap national television pe na karein.”

However, if it was demanding keeping a relationship when you’re a public figure when the same journo inquired Singh his response was something different altogether. He said, “Not at all actually, if you might have the maturity, if you’re mature enough not to let you know external things influence your relationship, then I believe you’re not bad ya.”