LOVELY! What was Shah Rukh Khan’s SPECIAL gift for Alia Bhatt?

LOVELY! What was Shah Rukh Khan’s SPECIAL gift for Alia Bhatt?


Shah Rukh Khan is this kind of love. While he is already making his fans happy by regularly tweeting love on Twitter to them. Yes! It so happened that during the Goa program of the movie, Alia could not stand he heat and always cribbed about the same.

She likely was being the disorderly one on the sets. Nevertheless, despite not attempting to admit this behavior SRK, did not lose his cool. In stead, he kept checking on her until she felt comfortable and gifted her a mobile fan. Aww! He’s my favourite co star because he’s really lovely to work with. He’s never and a good listener protests.

Once I had been making lots of noise in regards to heat, he gently gifted me a mobile fan that was good. That was sweet. He’s got the most impressive and contagious energy. No wonder she continues to be raving concerning the star in all her interviews recently.

In a interview DNA, she even admitted how SRK is the sole performer who she wouldn’t mind remaining alert with even if it is till 3 in the nighttime. Because I ‘m getting to learn and absorb from him, I absolutely do not mind. Shah Rukh is an excellent man to be around and it is a joy to work with him he takes so much care of you and because he is so giving. What about you guys?