LOVER Salman Khan’s plan to help Aishwarya Rai’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil...

LOVER Salman Khan’s plan to help Aishwarya Rai’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil will leave you surprised!


Well looks like Salman Khan will soon develop into a successful entrepreneur.

If you guys are believing that this Salman’s way to mint money considering the movie ticket rates are exorbitant for particular chosen films, then you’re mistaken. Infact this decision by celebrity is made for our convenience. Salman feels that, that film tickets in layer-one cities have gone around Rs 400-500. A report in leading day-to-day states the performer believes charging such enormous sum for an only film ticket isn’t correct. If a film must flop, the effect of the loss should be as little as possible. Jai Ho did a company of Rs 138 crore with tickets. The prices were down to Rs 100 but people said since we didn’t publicise this fact, ‘Arey is the only company? Rs 138 crore is a tremendous, that sort of a figure touchs? Also Read: Jacqueline Fernandez although Not Katrina Kaif is the new face of Being Person’s jewellery line

A representative from his charity cleared the air further. He said that, “If Salman’s film has to hit a double hundred he wants to do it with Rs 100 tickets. If we can’t touch that figure with this plan, we will try again with another film but Salman strongly believes that ticket prices should be brought down,“

Fortunately the chain is supposed to begin in Diwali this year through the state of Maharashtra. Currently, six single screens across Maharashtra have already been roped in and more locations are being explored. Post his home state, the celebrity plans to spread divisions are ’sed by it in Uttar Pradesh by 2017. A source said that he’ll be lending his name to some theatre chain to promote tax free screening. Tickets for pictures at his theaters free for children and will be available at rates that are greatly subsidised. Salman will be found each screen himself.”

“It’s because of the economics that Marathi films like Natsamrat and Sairat are getting more footfalls. With Hindi films the numbers are higher but we need the footfalls too,“ he had added.

Interestingly Salman’s this Diwali for a reason wills start. He plans to release two big films – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Shivaay! We don’t have to inform you that Salman Khan talkies will definitely excite the viewers to go watching the movie in the celebrity’s theatre. Oh God! Is everyone busy making it challenging for us to wait till October ending?