loves eating tacos while pregnant-Jessa

loves eating tacos while pregnant-Jessa


The 23- yearold reality star placed her large belly after experiencing some Asian food when she sat for a photo along with her friends Kristen who is pregnant aswell.

” Forty weeks 2 days,” Seewald Instagrammed to her 1.7 million readers. “Whoa, @sierrajodominguez! The tacos were not uncool! #Tacos4Life #Meal4Meal #T4LFayetteville. ”

Jessa and Bill Seewaldis four legged friend will soon be here any day now, for providing a big child, and sheis bracing himself. ” We’ve been having a study with all the Duggar people in the last couple weeks, and everyone is trying to think how much they consider #BabySeewald might consider at-birth,” Jessa Instagrammed in a previous post. “I had been the biggest out of my siblings, weighing 9lbs 15oz. Haha! I might say it’s very hardly impossible we might have a fat tiny child!”

She’ll learn quickly enough! For the time being, atleast she’s got tacos!