LOYALTY SIGN! Michael Caine’s wife saved him from drinking ‘a bottle of...

LOYALTY SIGN! Michael Caine’s wife saved him from drinking ‘a bottle of vodka a day’


Sir Michael Caine says he’d happen to be dead “long ago” had he not wed Shakira Baksh.

I’d have likely drunk myself to death. You know, ‘Am I planning to get another image? How am I going to do that component? How am I going to recall all those lines? I have got to get up in the morning at six and that I expect the alarm works.’ There was always some thing that is nerve-racking.

“Assembly Shakira calmed me down.”

Caine said he understood he needed to meet her and he first laid eyes when she starred in a advert for Maxwell House coffee. He asked her out and organized for a common friend to telephone her.

They were wed in January 1973, in Vegas in a “no difficulty” service in the Little Chapel on the Green.

The 82-year old included: I used to be well-known once I met her, but I could not have got this far without her.

Haines and Caine had Dominique, one daughter together, and he now has three grandchildren.

Encouraging new movie Youth before this month, he told The Telegraph.co.uk: “I adore my partner. I ‘ve three grandchildren. I’m overwhelmed with happiness daily.

Our house has the theatre as well as the swimming pool.

“I ‘ve a joyful family life, which can be very vital that you me, since I regard the household as the best thing on earth.”