Mahira is quite confident about her looks: SKR

Mahira is quite confident about her looks: SKR


Shahrukh Khan recently heaped praise on his co star actress Mahira Khan, in a press conference.

Mahira has been on cloud nine ever since she got her coveted place besides Bollywood’s ‘king’ Shahrukh. The lovely performer has shot scenes with Shahrukh for their upcoming movie ‘Raees’ and according to Mahira, she got to learn a great deal from your Bollywood maestro.

Thus far, much details haven’t been shown by the ‘Raees’ camp regarding the film. Nevertheless, Shahrukh and Mahira appear to be discussing a fantastic rapport with each other since himself could not stop from praising the celebrity in a recent seminar in Edinburgh.

“She’s beautiful, she’s fantastic and she has a very different style of acting,” he said, on why he chose Mahira for ‘Raees’.

“The reason we took her in the film was we wanted it to be very different as far as the leading lady was concerned, and she brings that to the table and much more.” Earlier, when a fan had asked Shahrukh regarding Mahira and her work ethic, the actor had nothing but kind words for her.

“@ImmiHamna very earnest and working extremely hard. A bit nervous too but very very good at what she does. It’s a pleasure.”

Mahira additionally has another release coming up on January 1, when her picture ‘Ho Mann Jahaan’ hits theatres. ‘Ho Mann Jahaan’ stars Adeel Hussain and Sheheryar Munawer in lead characters with Mahira.