Mahira Khan is regretting over split milk !

Mahira Khan is regretting over split milk !


A day following a picture of Mahira Khan together with her movie’s director Asim Raza, who had been dressed as Shiv Sena leader Bal Thackeray, made its approach to the net, she offered an apology on Twitter for having ‘hurt anyone’s sentiments.’

Mahira Khan was seen dressed up as a catwoman while Bal Thackeray was posed as by her director Asim and held a placard saying ‘Mahira Ko Bahar Nikalo’.

Mahira’s Tweet: 

If I hv hurt anyone’s sentiments w the image at the Halloween, I wd like to apologise as that was not what I intended & was unintentional

I have always made a concerted effort to maintain this standard for myself. Love and peace to all.

As many have said before me, artists are creative people who can’t be dragged into the politics of nations.

It was not done intentionally to hurt anybody’s sentiments, neither to make a political statement.

The image from a Halloween event I attended has been made out to be something it never was.