Mahira, SRK having some serious clash with Salman Khan

Mahira, SRK having some serious clash with Salman Khan


A clash is not fortunate but a clash of the Khans in reel life is colossal.

“That’s happened in yesteryear when there have been two large releases on the same day and both of them have done nicely. So this depends upon the audience. We leave it to them to determine,” he was quoted as saying.

He further said that it is a filmmaker to release a movie on a preferred date’s right. “The fact is when you make a movie and you want to release it on a specific date, you might have the right to.”

There are opportunities the box office may not rake in the same amounts; carving the gains between the two movies, Farhan differs.

“I would rather trust that both of these will have enough followers and admirers to see both the films,” he said.

“If you’re making a great movie, it’s going to work regardless of which film it’s battling with. And if both Raees and Sultan turn out to be good films, both will do equally well at the box office,” he described.

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One would believe Farhan should consider changing the release date of his movie, nonetheless, he is unwavering in his selection.

“I do not see the reason why I need to accomplish that, really!” he said adamantly.