Main Adhoora: Sunny Leone in just a towel saves this otherwise dull...

Main Adhoora: Sunny Leone in just a towel saves this otherwise dull number


The makers of Beimaan Love starring Sunny Leone and Rajniesh Duggal released a new song – Main Adhoora and while we didn’t anticipate anything unusual from this, we were disappointed by the song. The film that will hit the screens on September 30th is a thriller.

The song also has nothing new to offer which we haven’t so the amount becomes a tad boring seen.

What’s hot and new:

The tune sung Aakanksha Sharma and by Yasser Desai is great to hear but will not offer anything new. Sunny is the charming factor through the entire tune. She puts in her genuine attempts to do wonders to the tune but all in vain. She looks gorgeous through the tune, be it her entry scene or the one where she drapes a saree. Sometimes we wonder if your director tries trying something uncommon with the star then it might snap with the crowd and she too will have something unique to offer.

What’s not:

Everything! Why do the makers must worry while offering something new in the sort of Sunny. The chemistry that Rajniesh shares with her appears strong and for a moment you get a feeling that the performers are just bore to be jointly. What’s the point of pressing the performers in a swimming pool if the scene is just for ten seconds? Well this list might never end so to conclude we would like to suggest Sunny that she begins discounting such film offers or demand something new from the directors.