MAJOR TRAIN CRASH! Train carrying sulphuric acid derails

MAJOR TRAIN CRASH! Train carrying sulphuric acid derails

A freight train carrying 200 000 litres of sulphuric acid has derailed in Australia, having a two-kilometre exclusion zone around the distant injury site in Queensland in place on Monday.

Aerial photographs showed cars lying on their side strewn across the place, which has already been hit by heavy rain and floods.

Authorities said there had been a minor leakage of diesel fuel of sulphuric acid and spillage in the injury which happened on Sunday.

“One locomotive and all 26 cars are on their side following the episode,” said a spokeswoman for Queensland Rail.

Inspector Trevor Kidd told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that evaluations were being made as to whether the surroundings had impacted, but stressed it was in a remote location.

Sulphuric acid could cause serious burns when it comes into contact with all the skin and is corrosive.

Queensland Rail said its assessors hadn’t had the opportunity to investigate because roads in the region were cut off due to flooding, what caused the derailment.

Three guys are understood to have sustained minor injuries.