Malaysian singer ARRESTED for ‘insulting Islam’

Malaysian singer ARRESTED for ‘insulting Islam’


Police have arrested a popular but controversial Malaysian singer, after complaints that his most recent music video “insulted Islam”. His real name is Wee Meng Chee.

The video of his tune Oh My God, which was first released in July, features others and him rapping in front of places of worship.

Namewee, who is known for profanity- laced music, says that Oh My God was thought to promote spiritual harmony.

Singing in Mandarin Chinese, he be popular in Taiwan and China and grew to fame about five years ago. In one of his videos he challenges Malaysia’s national energy supplier over a blackout and another one features a parody of the national anthem, which landed him in jail.

Police said without naming them the complaints were made by several NGOs. Earlier this month police suggested Namewee was being investigated by them after the release of the Oh My God video.

Inside it, inside a church, Namewee and three others seem to sing and dance in front of Buddhist and Taoist temples and outside a mosque. The most recent version of the video uploaded to YouTube on 20 August, nevertheless, will not appear to include a sequence before a mosque.

Where he says the intention of the Oh My God video was in fact to encourage spiritual harmony, he’s also uploaded a video in his defence.