Manchester City star Raheem Sterling targeted by fans

Manchester City star Raheem Sterling targeted by fans


The 20- year old forward was targeted by devotees of his former club Liverpool following his big money move to City.

Footballer Raheem Sterling was subjected to a barrage of vile racist abuse after innocently posting a family snap on Instagram.

The Manchester City star uploaded a grinning selfie with his little girl and a relative, which he captioned: “Perfect Sunday with my niece and my daughter #LaFam.”

But the 20-year-old’s comments were hijacked by irate supporters of his former club Liverpool, who posted hate -filled, racist remarks.

Another posted pictures of snakes and bags of cash with the opinion: “All in regards to the amount of money init you f***** snake.”

An earlier picture Sterling posted of himself and three-year old daughter Melody appreciating a day out to a kid’s soft play area brought on similar maltreatment.

While the young England star was attacked by some fans for his GBP49million move that was contentious, others pleaded with users to stop the hate- .

One said: “There is children on the image FFS.”

Earlier this year, Sterling’s girlfriend, Paige Milian, had and racist abuse to lock her social networking page down.