Married With Children is going to be reunited, Christina Applegate and co-star...

Married With Children is going to be reunited, Christina Applegate and co-star David Faustino, spotted for the official premiere of “Christina’s film Vacation” after 18 years of show ended


Back in nineties, Christina Applegate (43), was well-known for her acts and switch on party animal Kelly Bundy together with David Faustino (41), only on Fox’s Married With Children.

Recently on Monday the whole panel reunited and spotted in Los Angeles for the official premiere of “Christina’s film Vacation”.

The duo seems to be excited about the new project as he sported beams as they were use too to giggle and hold each other while posing for the cameras even after 18 years of shooting.

Christina Applegate

Christina appears in navy blue sleeveless dress for the premiere. her trim waist is still the same as were in nineties.

As everyone knows that she is a fashion queen-She pair her navy blue sleeveless dress with sleek navy blue peep toe heels – matching pedicure and Tyler Alexandra clutch.

David 41-year-old spotted wearing skin tight black trousers and matching combat boots, and was carrying black sunglasses.

Both seem to be dedicated about their reunion project. They were having good potential smiling and laughing as he poses for snapshots on the carpet.

Even pass a kiss on Christina’s cheek.

David spotted with his girlfriend for the premiere Lindsay Bronson, who is currently expecting a baby. This is going to be her first baby.

The star already revealed the news on Twitter in May,

‘It’s going to be a girl, so that’s crazy and exciting!’