Martin Murray loses in 11th round of WBA title fight

Martin Murray loses in 11th round of WBA title fight


Martin Murray’s mission to secure a world title was ended with failure when he was defeated by Gennady Golovkin in 11th round of WBA title fight.

Murray showed strengt and brave as Golovkin took control of the contest from the outset and kept up his impressive record of winning all of his world title fights by stoppage.

The first round between both fighters started with few punches, while in the second Golovkin backed Murray on to the ropes and unleashed a fierce uppercut to Murray’s chin. Murray responded with a couple of counter-shots but they did not appear to trouble the world champion, in the third round Golovkin made a swift left-right combination that shook the Englishman but the bell sounded before the Kazakh could go in for the kill.

The fourth round left Murray was doubled over in pain after his opponent caught him with an almighty shot to the stomach before forcing a second count moments later with another fearsome uppercut. Murray, with blood streaming from his nose, regained some composure in the fifth but Golovkin inflicted further pain just a couple of seconds from the bell with another powerful right.

Golovkin continued to rise in the eighth while Murray kept his defense until he had lost his balance  but in the ninth Golovkin could not find the knockout blow when he manipulated Murray on to the ropes.

In the 10th, Murray tried to duck away from a Golovkin haymaker but was caught on the side of his face. The fight was over 50 seconds into the 11th round when the referee, Luis Pabon, stepped in to stop the fight as Golovkin unleashed a barrage of blows in the corner as Murray’s defences finally caved in.