MASSIVE ROMANCE OF TWO! Khloe Kardashian Kicks Rob Out Of Her House...

MASSIVE ROMANCE OF TWO! Khloe Kardashian Kicks Rob Out Of Her House For Dating Blac Chyna


Uh oh! We certainly hope Blac’s worth it!

Yikes! Rob Kardashian’s popular new love affair with Black Chyna, 27, is severely burning bridges together with the rest of his famed sisters. Khloe Kardashian, 31, gave him an online warning Jan 28 to “Never go from the family,” and his reply was to just immerse the knife in deeper by tweeting that he desires to make Blac his baby mama!

He formally crossed the line with that statement, and now Khloe’s kicked him out of her house! What’s Rob going to do? Rob’s new love affair with Blac means “he will not be welcomed back to Khloe’s now,” according to PEOPLE magazine, notably with all the pain and trouble she’s caused the family, including Kylie Jenner, 18.

“They are dating and have been for a number of weeks. Who understands how serious it is,” the source adds. “Rob continues to be lonely for so long, so of course it is amazing for him to spend some time with someone besides his sisters. Rob has also uncovered an escape nagging him. He’s ignored their attempts to contact him.”

Rob seemingly has been spending a lot of time at Blac’s Thousand Oaks, CA home so hopefully she will have the ability to put a roof over his head since he can’t go back to Khloe’s mansion.

Koko was such an amazing big sister to him, letting him live with her for years, and even gave him support in his fight with weight as well as depression.

So ties ‘s cutting with Rob over it but his love affair with Kardashian enemy number one Blac is too much of a middle finger to your family. We expect you realize what you are doing!