Matt Barnes Says He Absolutely Dated Rihanna

Matt Barnes Says He Absolutely Dated Rihanna


We started the week using Rihanna’s sordid story and Matt Barnes’ Dategate, whilst the week involves a detailed and despite RiRi’s desires, we are still referring to it.

For those score athome: Barnes – First or “resources” near to the Basketball tough-guy – told TMZ he’d been on the handful of times with Rihanna, a tale more-or-less supported by Barnes herself. It was evidently information to Rih, who stated she’d never fulfilled the brand new person in the Memphis Grizzlies and punked him. Normally, provided Barnes’ status, many people sided using the Bajan Beauty. But on Tuesday, Barnes’ teammate Glen “Big Baby” Davis found his protection, stating he “truly understands” the pop-star, insinuating that there is simple friendship than a brewing between your two.

Wishing to finish the discussion for all as well as once, Barnes continued The Jim Rome Display to ultimately inform his aspect of the tale.

” You also discover and you reside,” Barnes said. “when you are in times such as this, you simply discover. You simply got to maintain material to oneself, clearly. However the method Iam placing it at this time, Iam also developed to lay, guess what happens I suggest? It’s what it’s, I am likely to allow this setback by anything else hits that are like by.”

Rome subsequently requested Barnes for his ideas on the Instagram takedown of Rihanna:

“I simply smiled. I simply smiled, that is it,” he explained. “so what can you need to do? At the day’s end we are all grown ups. Life is living, although like I mentioned I am also turned out to be laying about material. You reside and you also discover.”

You need to do certainly – except in cases like this, where all we’ve discovered is the fact that just a couple (plus one Large Infant) truly understand what occurred between Barnes and Rihanna, and because they’re all sticking with their tales, weare left with nothing. A lot like Barnes, who absolutely dropped his chance when his mouth opened.