May the 4th Be With You First Appearance in Star Wars Day...

May the 4th Be With You First Appearance in Star Wars Day 2015


“May the 4th be with you” is a full-fledged unofficial holiday, “Star Wars Day.” Actually, as far as Lucasfilm and Disney are concerned, it’s quite official.So why this day, and what is there to do other than watch it trend on Twitter? (After all, it’s apparently important enough to send hardcore fans into a tizzy when they feel it’s been mistreated.)

A prevalent popular society reference and the subject of numerous Internet images, the line advanced into the catchphrase: “May the 4th be with you.” According to, the joke goes back to 1979, when on May 4 Margaret Thatcher was chosen Britain’s first female leader. Thatcher’s political gathering set a salutary promotion in The London Evening News that read “May the Fourth be with you, Maggie. Congrats.” May 4 got to be lovingly known as “Star Wars Day.”

The soonest recorded utilization of the joke, playing on the fantastic line “May the power be with you,” was after Margaret Thatcher won the 1979 executive race in the United Kingdom. The site referenced Alan Armold’s “The Empire Strikes Back”:

“Margaret Thatcher has won the decision and turn into Britain’s first lady PM. To praise their triumph her gathering took a half page of publicizing space in the London Evening News. This message, alluding to the day of triumph, was ‘May the Fourth Be With You, Maggie. Congrats,’ additional evidence of the degree to which Star Wars has affected all of us.”

Considered a holiday by Star Wars fans, the first organized celebration of “Star Wars Day” took place in Toronto in 2011 at the Toronto Underground Cinema and included a costume contest and film screenings.