Meera ” I am always there for you Imran Khan”

Meera ” I am always there for you Imran Khan”


Pakistani actress Meera has said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan is her political hero.

“This is a painful time for me & Reham & our families. I would request everyone to respect our privacy,” Imran Khan requested on twitter, confirming that the 9-month marriage was over.

Hours after this tweet Meera’s mum told a TV channel she would be a successful mother-in-law of Khan.

“Had Imran Khan tied the knot with Meera, he would have not faced such devastation,” she said.

“I can still arrange for Imran’s marriage with (my daughter) Meer if he wished so,” she added.

Meera made the statement on Saturday after the hearing of the double marriage case.

The hearing of the case was adjourned until December 14 and the court has summoned Captain Naveed in the following proceeding.

Before, a marriage proposal had been sent by Meera before he tied the knot with now former wife Reham Khan.

Meera began her career in an extremely young age as model and stage actress but later took up acting in plays and Pakistani movies. She made her film debut in 1995, but earned nationally critical acclaim in ‘Khilona’ in 1999 for her lead performance.

We respect your feelings Meera!