Meet the man who quit his job to train to break a...

Meet the man who quit his job to train to break a world selfie record


To some, taking selfies is simply a mean to entertain yourself when you are weary, a great pastime, but it is an extremely serious matter.

He is so dedicated that he quit his job in a hospital as a research assistant.

The competition is stiff! Arizona Cardinals star Patrick Peterson is the current world record holder, with a staggering 1,449 selfies shot in an hour. But that amount doesn’t phase Prakash. He says is to get to 1,800. goal that his personal best is 1,700 selfies an hour and his

Establishing a world record in selfies is not all fun and games; he has been doing hand and wrist exercises to prepare for the big day.

Prakash says it was Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s record-breaking 105 selfies in three minutes that inspired him.

Prakash will try to break the world record for most selfies taken within an hour on Sept. 18. We are rooting for you personally!!