Meet the powerful morphing Mercedes Benz

Meet the powerful morphing Mercedes Benz

Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche presents the Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA car during the media day at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Germany, September 15, 2015. REUTERS/Ralph Orlowski TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

The Theory IAA, shown for the very first time at the Frankfurt motor show of this year, does not let a little problem like drag coefficient or aerodynamics get in the way of seeming not bad.

Because is a shape shifter in the literal sense, and that is. When standing still it is a totally executed visual design exercise, but once it begins rolling and reaches 80km/h, the car’s outdoor parts realign, producing a structure having a drag coefficient of 0.19, which, according to the company, is on a level with the best race cars ever assembled.

“Fascinating and technically advanced cars form the heart of Mercedes Benz.

It may seem like something from a film that is Transformers or enjoy a thing that isn’t arriving in the long run any time into a actual Mercedes. But, the Bugatti Veyron — the quickest production car in the world — also changes shape as it hastens to cut through the wind and also to keep traction in the limitations. But, the notion is being pushed by the IAA to the maximum. The automobile really grows by some 390mm as its aerodynamic properties transform in length. The leading fender even goes underneath the vehicle to enhance airflow.

All of which enables the 279hp plug-in hybrid to reach an all-electric range of CO2 emissions and 66km of only 28g/kg. Top speed is electronically restricted to 250km/h.

If the inside did not offer something remarkable, and it might not be a Mercedes. In spite of the enormous size — over 5 meters of the car’s — it is built to seat only four people in total relaxation.

“Captivatingly sporty lines, fascinating technical options: the ‘Theory IAA’ symbolizes the psychological center of Mercedes Benz: The best or nothing.