Mehjabeen committed suicide as in laws attributed her for giving birth to...

Mehjabeen committed suicide as in laws attributed her for giving birth to women, says family


Srinagar: Events of harassment, domestic violence as well as increase in suicides tried by females is pointing out to a seemingly concealed defect in modern social system prevailing in the state. The latest instance of a crime against girls came to fore in Khanyar area of Srinagar on the joyous occasion of Eid-Ul-Azha.

The ghastly event occurred the day when a joyous event was being observed by the whole Valley.

Mehjabeen, 30 a mom of two girls burnt herself to death after being supposedly tortured by her in laws at Kawa Mohalla Khanyar. The event sent shockwaves throughout the region given time and its barbaric nature of occurrence.

Mehjbeen died at SMHS hospital and had received fatal burn injuries on the exact same day she’d poured kerosene.

While referring to her day-to-day ordeal with her inlaws, Javaid Ahmad Wani, Mehjabeen’s brother stated that right from day one of her union,Mehjabeen was tortured and harassed time plus again by her inlaws and her husband.”Despite facing constant tribulations, my sister produced everything together with the hope that her inlaws including her husband will alter their strategy towards her, little did she understand that they are going to end up being the cause of her debilitating death,” Javaid said.

“The individuals who are involved in this event needs to be dealt with only so that no one could dare to try anything like it again. We will not forgive them. We desire that all her inlaws including her husband, mother in law and her two sister in laws ought to be hanged till death,” Mehjabeen’s brother said.

“The dead person’s mother in law as well as her two sister in laws and her husband have all been detained,” Rafiq said.

“As per first investigations, it appears that Mehjabeen was really tortured by her in laws driving her to take such an extreme measure, the concerned individuals are detained and additional investigation is happening in this respect,” SHO Khanyar said.

The case of Mehjabeen is one among many occurring on the other side of the state.

The shocking figures shows an increasing tendency of offenses against girls. Alone is 428 instances of harshness, 2014 by inlaws were reported as compared to 301 in 2013 indicating an indicating a nearly 30 per cent increase in such events.